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Here at SAA, we believe that building community means serving others. Check out what we've been doing to serve the communities around us.

Impact Guru​ is ​India’s #1 crowdfunding platform ​to raise funds for medical emergencies, transplants, cancer treatment, newborn care, and social/personal causes. Crowdfunding offers an easy way for anyone facing a medical emergency to raise funds through donations from their friends, family and network without adding any financial burden. Impact Guru’s platform also fundraises for for NGOs, social enterprises, startups, and individuals. Over this coming year, we’ll be working with Impact Guru and the community to raise money for numerous socially impactful causes that will truly benefit South Asians in need. We’d like to get started right off the bat, so community members, please check out their ​website​ for causes that you would like to promote.

SAA board member Sahil Lauji at Impact Guru's Mumbai office in June 2018.

Walk to End Alzheimers

In September 2019, the Harvard South Asian Association raised money for and participated in the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. South Asia has a strong history of fostering societies with a central focus on aging individuals. Despite the growing voice that advocates have in the U.S. today, the movement in South Asia has not grown as vigorously or quickly. As youth with a south asian background, we have grown with this knowledge of respect for our elders and are aware of the importance of this movement in both America and South Asia. This year, we walked to remember those lost due to Alzheimer’s and walked to fight for those currently struggling from Alzheimer’s.  If you are interested in donating to our team, you can find the link here:

SAA community members participate in the 2019 Walk to End Alzheimers
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