Spring Spotlights

See what community members were up to during the virtual  semester!

Frosh Rep Highlights!

Fez is from Des Moines, Iowa and his fave south asian snack is “kheer all day every day.”

Sakshi is from Little Rock, Arkansas and her favorite South Asian snack is pakora with mint chutney!

Shruthi is from Omaha, NE and her fave SA snack is kara boondhi.

 Afiya is from Syracuse, NY and her favorite south asian snack is fuchka.

Jaya is from Los Angeles, California (the best state tbh) and her fave South Asian snack is pani puri!

Aarya is from Albany, NY and her fave SA snack is dahi papdi chaat.

Anika is from Princeton, NJ and her fave SA snack is pani puri!